Thursday, September 16, 2004

Constroversy for the sake of it

I am so tired of our so-called press. The media loves to make up items of dispute, take sides that would make McViegh's defense lawyer squirm, and swallows whole bits of GOP propaganda.

Exhibit A, the polls. Anyone who knows 2 bits about polls would have told you that the polls that came out immediately following the GOP convention were suspect and not likely to hold. First of all, they used "likely voters" with over 60 days left which is highly unusual to say the least; secondly, these "likely voters" were disproportionately GOP or GOP-leaning. Now the press is amazed to see two polls that say Kerry and Bush are again essentially tied (one has Kerry up 1 and one has Bush up 1, which is within the margin of error obviously). They are trying to say, "How did Kerry get back up? What did Bush do wrong? Is the National Guard stuff hurting him?" when both sides said privately that their internal polls had Bush up maybe 1 immediately following the convention.

Today on "Inside Politics" Ed Gilespie rightly said look at the state polls, and for his part Terry McAwefull (as I like to call him) said the revolving door at the Kerry campaign has nothing to do with the race and the polls show Kerry is doing just fine. Of course, Ed, being the nasty GOPer that he is, laughed out loud about Kerry, trying to mock Kerry's stance of Iraq. I agree Kerry says things in a way that leaves people with different views to think that he agrees with them most of the time. However, I think John Kerry should pull a media stunt where he sends his Iraq issue paper to Ed's house along with a contribution form with the $100 box checked (since Ed said he would give anyone $100 if they could tell him what Kerry's position was). Of course, he should send a copy of what he sending to the media.

Meanwhile, Kerry is making an important speech to the National Guard that for some unknown reason gave a standing ovation to the man who has sent them off to die while making the whole organization look pathetic and incompetent (since they put him in there instead someone more deserving and can't find W's records or vouch for him showing up in Alabama). Finally, Kerry is starting to say the right things about Iraq: that it is a horrible mess and Bush is an incomp. I still feel he should borrow Lincoln's line to Gen. McCelland "If General McCelland is unwilling to use the Army, I would like to borrow it for awhile." AKA "George Bush is unwilling to win the war against insurgents in Iraq, I would like to borrow the armed forces for the next four years"

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