Monday, September 13, 2004

Not-so-bad and Good news

First the not-so-bad news: Scott Matheson has now narrowed Huntsman's lead to 10.

While that sounds pathetic, it isn't that bad considering he was down by like 20 point before. I guess those cheezy ads with him in a classroom have paid off.

Now the good news: Jim Matheson is creaming his 2002-04 oposition, John Swallow , by 31 points. Ouch. I think it is over for Swallow, who will certainly narrow that but never as much as last time (1,600 votes).

In other polling news, according to the Deseret News:

[Dan] Jones found that if the election were today, Bush would get 65 percent support to Kerry's 25 percent. U.S. GOP Sen. Bob Bennett, seeking his third, six-year term, leads Democratic challenger Paul Van Dam, 60-23 percent. In the 1st Congressional District, Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, leads Democrat Steve Thompson, 53-23 percent, Jones found. Third District incumbent Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, leads Democrat Beau Babka, 51-27 percent. And GOP Attorney General Mark Shurtleff leads Democratic challenger Greg Skordas, 57-20 percent.

I wonder if a Democratic guy who is losing 20-57 can help a Republican woman who is losing 20-40. File this under "Ironic," Atlantis.

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