Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ralph "Ivan" Nader

I know I have only had 3 weeks of Civil Procedure and no Constitutional Law yet, but I am pretty sure the executive branch can't short curuit the judical process and overrule it.

Yet that is exactly what Jeb "that's my brother" Bush's appointee Division of Elections director Dawn Roberts claimed that Hurricane Ivan, which could hit parts of the state by week's end, forced her to act. No, the possibility that Jeb's brother might lose the state forced her to act. Dawn is a former Northern Florida Mayor, and while not BC04 state campaign chair like her 2000 counterpart, the whole think reeks even more because she is appointed and not elected (which in theory would make one more independent from one's party)

Florida Circuit Court Judge Kevin Davey had issued a temporary injunction last week preventing the state from putting Nader on the 2004 ballot, siding with a Democratic challenge that the Reform Party did not qualify as a national party under state law. By the way, when was the last time former Green Nader had anything in common with Bucannan's Reform party? Oh wait, when was the last time Nader stood up for anything he believes in besides himself?

The FL Democratic Party is pissed, but I assume they can bring this to the FL supreme court, who have proven themselves to be anti-Bush in 2000. After 2000, I thought we all learned all we needed to know about Florida election law, but I guess there is a new wrinkle after all. Now I guess Dawn's next step is to certify the state for Bush, you know, just in case another Hurricane comes by.

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