Thursday, September 16, 2004

Getting young people to vote the HARD way

Today's political website of the day is

Their brilliant idea, have site visitors pledge to have sex with a voter on election day, and at the same time promise they won't have sex with a non-voter. I encourage everyone to sign up for reluctant voters who you might want to have sex with. But no using sex to get someone to vote a certain way, that's just not fair.

We all know that sex is on everyone's minds often and is a good reward/incentive for voting. Now all we need a couple of famous porn stars to get involved. Maybe even a raffle for the lucky voter who gets to have sex with them. Creating civic engagement by going straight for the pants, now that’s a great strategy. P Diddy, whose slogan is "Voter or Die," you were out done again.

After all, everyone knows that not having sex while everyone else is getting laid is worse than dying, right? [ED this snarky post is intended to be a homage to Wonkette]

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