Monday, September 13, 2004

The Pottery Barn Rule

A Diarist a Daily Kos came up with a new idea for what Kerry should say now that "W is for wrong" has gotten old he calls it "Mr. President, you own it". Here's the speach:

"Mr. president, Colin Powell told you about this war that 'if you break it, you own it.' And now you're going around talking about an 'ownership society.' Well, Mr. President, let me tell you what you own. A million jobs lost. You own that. A thousand soldiers lost. You own that. 1.4 million new people living below the poverty line. You own that. 1.2 million less people covered by health insurance. You own that. A seventeen percent medicare increase. You own that. Health care costs skyrocketing. You own that. The tax burden increasing amongst the middle class. You own that. Mr. President, if you want to talk about an ownership society, let's talk about what you own."

I agree with this slogan. I would go on to say: "Mr. President, you blamed Clinton for the bad economy when he left you with a gigantic surplus and seemingly endless prosperity. Then you blamed 9/11 on Clinton and then blamed 9/11 for the bad economy and your catastrophic war. Mr. President, we have waited for 3 and half years, and we still haven't heard you accept responsibility for anything. Yet your party controls the congress, the white house, and the supreme court. How come we have a massive deficit, a bumbling foreign policy, a stumbling economy, and none of your agenda (save your precious tax cuts for the top 1%) has passed. Who's to blame Mr. President if it isn't you? Where are the faith-based initiatives? Why has the tone in Washington gone from bad to worse? Where is the humble foreign policy?

In 2000, Dick Cheney told the armed forces "help is on the way." Well, Mr. President, they are still waiting for help. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until January 20th, 2005 because you have proven unwilling to help them. Our forces are stretched thinner, with lower moral than any time in our history. You had no plan to win the peace in Iraq and Your actions thus far show that either have no plan or no will to win the war against insurgents there. You have abandoned Afghanistan for this horrendous adventure to topple Saddam, you have let the Israeli conflict fester, and allowed Iran and North Korea to further develop nuclear weapons. If elected president, I will take the fight to the insurgents, internationalize the security forces in Iraq, kick the Taliban and Al-Qaeda permanently out of Afghanistan, and get tough with rogue states that develop nuclear weapons."

How about them apples?

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