Monday, October 18, 2004

Even more disgusting editorals

Yesterday, I complained that the Salt Lake Tribune's endorsement of Ellis Ivory was wholly without merit (AKA the guy isn't qualified). Today, it is the Deseret News that stepped off the deep end. In the name of free-speech and a democratic dialogue, they actually endorsed Sinclair Corporation's airing of an anti-Kerry "documentary" days before the election and opposed the Kerry camp's attempt for equal time. Good thing the blogosphere is hammering Sinclair for this abuse of corporate power.

Somehow they claim that it is not a political ad, mainly because the guy who did the hack piece has a purple heart from Vietnam. So why can't be trust all the medaled pro-Kerry Veterans. Plus, reports have proved that other anti-Kerry Vietnam veterans, known as "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," were factually wanting and misleading to say the least. Republicans really have no shame some times, just look at their voter suppression attempts in OH and PA, their "sucessful" efforts in FL, AZ and OR.

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