Sunday, October 17, 2004

Swallow hard

Sorry, that name just has too many corny heading possibilities. So I watched the TiVo-ed debate and I thought it was an odd event. Both sides could have done much more to help their cause.

Jim for example, didn't want to look at Swallow when he asked him a question, but instead looked at the moderator. Swallow often answered questions with some canned talking point rather than addressing the substance of question, like copying a Bush line from the debates ("mixed messages") and bring up the spector of a John Kerry presidency.

Jim had some good gimmic momments, were he said, "Gee Pres. Bush didn't think I flip-flopped on tax cuts, he sent me a lettter thanking me." Moderator: "Can you give me a copy of that letter after this debate?" Jim: "I have one right here [pulls out a copy out of his jacket pocket]." I remember that letter too, when I was an intern, we mailed out a copy of that letter to every single constituent (2001).

When Swallow was asked by Jim multiple times about how he would cut the defficit, the first time Swallow said in effect "you're one to talk" pointing out Jim voted for the Medicare Rx bill and NCLB (convinently forgetting the tax cuts too). The second time, Swallow said he would cut taxes more, which prompted the moderator to ask who in the world that helps the decificts. Then Swallow managed to credit Reagan's tax cuts for the 90s boom, when we not only raised taxes but were over ten years after Reagan's tax cuts went into effect. Was I the only one who thought this was a stupid thing to say?

Swallow also seems to think that being a Republican would really help the district. Why would they help him? If he were to win, the democrats couldn't really find anyone better than Jim to challenge him, and the House leadership wouldn't throw a now safe seat any bones. He would just be another monkey for them, and I seriously doubt that he would have voted against his party as much as Jim had, especially on key issues like NCLB or Medicare like Swallow claims. He is doing the Howard Dean. It's really easy to say I would have voted against that when you were never there and you are looking back in rhetrospect.

I liked Jim's cowboy boots and his discussion of factual backup to his points. My only complaint is that he seemed a bit defensive about his record. Swallow to me keeps looking like an empty suit Republican with Liberatarian tendences (save Abortion and illegal drugs).

Amazing, every time my fiancee's mom comes into town it rains, and it never rains in Salt Lake. After all, this is a desert.

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