Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kudos to Rupert Murdock

I can't believe I am saying this, but News Corp. doing the right thing. According to Variety, News Corp. announced Tuesday that it has offered airtime on the Fox network to presidential contenders George Bush and John Kerry, with dueling spots from the two candidates set for broadcast beginning tonight..." They are giving 10 60-second spots in primetime from now until the election.

And now for our site of the day:
Bush Relatives for Kerry. Their motto: because blood is thinner than oil. It is done by Dubya's second cousins.

In other news, all is right in Boston. The Red Sox became the first team in Baseball's storied history to force a game 7, and what amazing set of games these last three have been. Additionally, their native son John Kerry is winning the electoral college (via swing states trending his way) at this point, even if George Bush is winning the national polling. Its looking more and more like Kerry just might pull this off.

As for the senate, some races I had written off are going to be much closer than I suspected: Jim Bunning in KY and Arlen Spector in PA are looking more and more vulnerable. Polling has shown the races have tightened and in KY, the incumbent has had a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. The local press is openly speculating about his mental health.

In general, the DSCC found good candidates for all these races: moderate ones for the Red States where control of the Senate will be decided. In AK, in OK, in KY, in SC, in NC, in FL, they have picked the right guys. My only beef is with LA, where they are looking like they might not even get to the runoff because of incompetence and intra-party squabbles amongst whites and blacks.

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