Monday, January 10, 2005

The amazing lies of politicans

Ohio's Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell (R), the guy who was Bush's Ohio campaign Chair and had the role of officiating the election in November "sent a fundraising letter" for his '06 campaign for Governor "that was accompanied by a request for illegal contributions." A pledge card included in the mailing said "corporate & personal checks are welcome," but corporate donations "are illegal" in OH. Blackwell spokesperson Carlo LoParo said any corporate donations will be returned. Fundraising coordinator Jeff Ledbetter "blamed a printer for the mistake, saying it used a template for an issue committee, which is allowed to accept corporate donations" (AP, 1/9).

You know, that is about as believable as Jessia Simpsons' sister blaming her lip snycing on the band playing the wrong song.

Blackwell did everything in his power to disenfrancize people who would be more likely to vote for Kerry than Bush, and slow walked the certification of the electors to prevent any challenge of the results beyond Jessie Jackson and John Conyers' publicity stunts. It is clear that he is not fit to be in charge of the state's elections if he can't even follow the rules and certainly therefore not fit to replace Gov. Bob Taft (R). How very shameful.

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