Thursday, January 13, 2005

Finally feeling organized

Just when you think you are on track and your life is in order, more stuff piles on the plate. I need to bake a cake, do homework, play basketball, and go to a church potluck tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Bob Shrum has gone into exhile at NYU, Howard Dean and his ex-chair Joe Trippi are at odds, and Simon Rosenburg gathers steam. The DNC race is now Dean and everyone below him. Roemer is starting out with using the 9/11 comission as his spring board. He even made the "o" in his last name the red white and blue ribbon of 9/11 (which was the lamest ribbon by the way...oh and there are too many riboons these days anyway. It is like Watergate, every scanal has to have -gate at the end and every cause has to have a ribbon.) Very classless, Tim. Even his fellow Hoosier and ex-DNC chair Joe Andrew is going for Rosenberg.

All this makes for interesting conversation. I wonder if any polling has been done for the race, because I would be currious how much support they all have. I am sure Dean will make it past the first ballot, but who will be on it with him?

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