Friday, January 14, 2005

DNC chair

On a political topic, DNC polls may be unscientific but it seems to be showing the same results: Dean in first, Frost in second, and Fowler, Rosenburg and Webb distant thirds. Roemer has really never taken off and is in the bottom of every one I have seen. Fowler and Rosenburg seem to pick up some as a second choice.

It seems to be basically between Dean and Frost unless Howard screws up again, in which case Fowler or Rosenburg will pick up most of his votes. Roemer won't even make it past the first ballot. How many DNC puppets has the establishment been through in the last couple months? I would say they are on at least number 3 with Frost as "their guy" but 90% of that support is from his fellow Texans or other Southners. Fowler's best shot is to find a way to knock out Frost and then talk in the biggest drawl as possible (he is from South Carolina after all) and be their second choice.

Rosenburg's? Keep hoping that Matt Stoller can work his magic for him. Best of luck Matt; I hope you are liking D.C. and that you found a nice apartment.

Nevertheless, the race is still wide open and the results are scientific enough for someone to bet money on, but Dean is in the driver's seat again. He seems to be an early riser.

from the National Journal's Hotline:

First Choice for DNC Chair

Dean 31% (58 votes)
Frost 16% (30 votes)
Roemer 4% (8 votes)
Fowler 4% (7 votes)
Webb 2% (4 votes)
Rosenberg 2% (4 votes)
Leland 1% (1 vote)
Refused 40% (75 votes)

Second Choice for DNC Chair

Frost 11% (20 votes)
Dean 9% (16 votes)
Fowler 7% (13 votes)
Webb 7% (13 votes)
Rosenberg 6% (11 votes)
Leland 2% (4 vote)
Roemer 2% (3 votes)
Refused 58% (107 votes

Last Choice for DNC Chair

Roemer 16% (29 votes)
Dean 11% (21 votes)
Rosenberg 6% (12 votes)
Frost 4% (7 votes)
Fowler 4% (7 votes)
Leland 3% (5 vote)
Webb 2% (4 votes)
Refused 54%

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