Tuesday, January 11, 2005

WH 2008-- one less already

With the entry of Dean to the wide open DNC race, and his upsequent announcement that he will NOT run for president in 2008, things are already looking up for Democrats.

Two reasons. First off, Dean is a frontrunner and will push the candidates in a reformist direction, no matter who wins. Personally, I think there are too many reformist canidates, who will drain from each other the votes they need. This would have the terrible result of keeping Shrub et al rich, happy and in power.

I would be happy with Rosenberg, Fowler, or Dean. But I prefer Fowler, but not by much. I would not be happy with Wellington Webb, Roemer, or Frost. I hate them about equally but I guess Roemer is the absolute worst.

The good thing is that if any of my three win, Clark and his ilk are better off. The Clintons are worried that the DNC is spinning out of their control, since Terry is leaving and not exactly beloved but praised. So they asked Clark to run, rumor has it, and he said, "Thanks but no thanks, I am running for President." To me, this sounds plausable and means that Clark is not a Clinton monkey which will mean that he will get less Clintonista support next time but accordingly get more Deanic type support. This means a bigger initial splash and who knows when people actually vote. Actual voters didn't really help Dean.

I don't know who Edwards should support, other than his old lackeys. Hillary isn't going to run, and Rove really made up her mind for her with this finance investigation. As for Bayh, he wants one of the dreaded three, particularly Roemer since he is from IN.

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