Wednesday, August 08, 2007

final thoughts on the forum

I talked to Becker's campaign manager immediately afterwards and the first thing he said to me before I could even reach him was "Still awake?" He then told me that this was pretty typical for all the "debates" they have been holding thus far, in fact, this one was one of the more lively ones. How glad am I to not have sat through those.

The trouble is, there are too many people on the stage, and too many unimportant people. A guy who thinks $50,000 is a lot of money to have spent on a mayoral race for a city of nearly 200,000 is a joke. Candidates who do little more than pay the filing fee should not get a seat at the table with people who have raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and more importantly have real support (at least 10%).

Good news, Dave tells me, is that from hear on out the "big four" will only be invited to the next debates. Finally, we can get into some meat and distinguish candidates and not just let people hide behind platitudes.

Speaking of which, after I left the auditorium, a Christensen supporter tried to give me literature. Then he realized that only this morning I was insulting his campaigns mailings so he said something like "Don't you want to have to this for analysis, 3rd Ave?" Thanks but no thanks. Don't waste any more of your paper on me Keith. Remember you are claiming to be an environmentalist.

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Brian Maxwell said...

I was the Keith staffer who tried to hand you literature. Actually, I hadn't read your blog yet today, I just recognized you from past readings of the site. Interesting posts live from the debate though.

As for the mail piece you got, though we have been active in the communities, many voters have yet to make a decision (the blog community even has some fluidity to it), and some have little familiarity with any candidate. Expect a bit more in the way of specifics in future mail pieces.


Brian Maxwell
Campaign Manager
Keith for Mayor