Wednesday, August 08, 2007

see you at the forum?

Last night, I watched Harry Potter rather than the AFL-CIO forum, but tonight I am going back into political form.
The mayoral forum will be at the Salt Lake City Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, but can be watched live at
Before and during the forum, residents can register at the Web site, submit questions for one or all the candidates and vote on which questions should be asked.
During and after the event, viewers in the auditorium and online will be able to comment on the event and evaluate the candidates' responses, and the candidates can review the responses and comments of the public.
Candidates Ralph Becker, Keith Christensen, J.P. Hughes and Jenny Wilson all plan to attend the forum. Candidate Dave Buhler had a scheduling conflict with another campaign event.

I hear that last night MSNBC uninvited ex-Senator Mike Gravel and good for them. It seems Politic 2.0 refuses to invite any of the joke candidates except J.P. Hughes. I guess he is like Dennis Kucinich.

See you online or at 7:45 at the library.

In other mayoral news, I got a mailer from Keith Christensen, who appearantly is spending money on bicycle jerseys with his logo on it now. The new slogan is "He wins. We all win." The entire mailer is devoid of information other than the fact that Rocky and Spence Eccles like him. and that he was a city councilman chair twice. It just has a list of buzz words like leadership, know-how, experience, business owner, etc. And then it "addresses" the issues Through this paragraph (I kid you not)
Crime. Education. Jobs. Keith will make Salt Lake City more livable by being tough on crime, supporting the education of our children and promoting economic development along with the Wasatch Front.

And who wouldn't do any of those things? How does he plan to "get tough on crime" or support education or promote economic development?

Politicians need to learn that they have to at least allude to what they want to do, rather than just blabbing feel-good, meaningless rhetoric. The man is pretending to be "progressive" when he voted pretty conservatively in the City Council and offers nothing in the way of policy. What a sham(e).

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