Monday, August 06, 2007

Something's happening here

(Photo Credit: Tom Smart, Deseret Morning News)

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
-Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth"

By the time the Democratic presidential hopeful spoke just after noon, more than 500 onlookers had filled the parking lot next to the Utah Olympic Park visitor center. Cars were parked half a mile up the road leading to the 2002 Olympic ski jump.
"This was supposed to be a 15-minute stop with about 20 people," said the Illinois senator, dressed in slacks and shirt sleeves. "Somehow this grew a little bit."

Now I regret not reading all those emails from the Utah for Obama people. They were talking about driving to Elko or standing near the fundraiser and waiving. But 500 people in Utah? If it was Obama vs. Romney, it is possible that Romney would tie Mondale but instead of taking Massachusetts, he would take Utah. And speaking of Mormons
Americans must look out for one another, Obama said, an "idea that has to express itself not just through our religious bodies, not just through our families, it's got to express itself through our government."
Obama attracted 450 people to his Park City fund-raiser. Some paid as much as $2,300 to have their photograph taken with the candidate. The minimum contribution was $500 except for select volunteers, public officials and a few Olympic athletes. The event was expected to raise around $250,000.
Utah Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Holland said the donors couldn't get enough of Obama. "It took a good half-hour just getting him 50 yards from the backyard podium to the living room to meet with public officials," he said. "Usually this is a group that's not star-struck."

About 1000 people in Utah went out of their way to see a first term Democratic U.S. Senator who espouses things such as "health care for all Americans, better pay for teachers and, of course, [ending] the war in Iraq."

(Photo Credit: Chris Detrick/The Salt Lake Tribune)

One thing we can all agree on that Obama said is this: "The country is ready for change," he said. "People want to turn the page and start a new chapter in history." This is why Republicans are having such trouble in their race for the White House. Folks like Romney, Giulliani, F. Thompson, and the rest all have to defend Bush's horrific policies to some degree to win their nomination.

If Obama can round up 1000 people in Utah on the spur of the moment, something very dramatic will happen next November.

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