Thursday, August 09, 2007

irony of the day

I use google reader to read all the newspapers and blogs that have RSS feeds nearly everyday. I go through hundreds of posts a day and try to bring you ones that catch my eye. Here's a great example:
Welcome to the new 8:30 AM (55 minutes ago)
from - Local News
We have redesigned our Web site, adding more features, such as weather, traffic and reader comments, to better provide you with the news and information you want and need.

That's right, go ahead and click on it to see the amazing new ... Yeah, I am waiting too. It seems the link to the story about how wonderful the new Deseret News website is is down, along with the rest of their site.

Maybe next time, don't put out the story until after the site is fully operational. Otherwise, they should go back to this:

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