Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Caging list (a Democratic spoof-site) has been getting emails from idiot GOPers who have the wrong email adress for their friends at the actual campaign- .Com . The .Org webmasters finally decided to post all the emails they have been getting and this is probabbly how the BBC got a hold of the "caging list" story. Now you too get to see the actual e-mail and excel file, which I uploaded onto my ISP. I decieded to copy the important part rather than make you scroll through all their emails like I did, although it is fun to snoop. Personally I don't feel as bad about putting the names of all these people on the caging list or people in the email because the damage has already been done by sites that get more traffic than me. Without futher ado, here it is
>From: Kelly Porter []
> To: Lindy Landreaux - Political []; Miriam Moore - Research/Communications []; Victoria Newton - Research/Communications []; Tim Griffin - Research/Communications []; Shawn Reinschmiedt - Research/Communications []; []; Stephen Shiver []; []
> Sent: Thu Aug 26 18:12:49 2004
> Subject: caging
> Total as of today is 1834.
> Kelly
> ATTACHMENT: Caging-1.xls

Courtesy of as referred by BOPNews

PS Watch Eminem's "Riot"

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