Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry on against the Wayward Son

Things are looking up for Kerry. A Zogby International tracking poll in WI shows Kerry taking the lead 48%-46%, of course this is inside the margin of error but his first lead there in awhile. Another Zogby International tracking poll in IA shows the race tied at 45%. IA is going to be tight again like last time, with labor and the state party dragging Kerry over the finish line (like NM's Gov. Richardson, Gov. Vilsack has to win IA for Kerry in order to plausibly run for president in 2008). Without WI and IA, there is really no hope for George W. Bush.

Nationally, things are looking good for Kerry as well. An ABC/Washington Post tracking poll shows Kerry leading for the second day in a row, 49%-48% among LVs, with Ralph Nader at 1%. The Washington Post version shows Kerry leading 50%-48% with Nader remaining at 1%.

Nader is going to be a non-factor this year. Polls have shown his drawing equally from Bush and Kerry and not 75% from the Democrat like in 2000. The Nader vote is basically the 1% of America that is completely irrational and crazy. If Nader had endorsed Kerry back in March, he might be looking at an appointment to a consumer protection agency or at the SEC or something, now he's looking at the outside in again.

In other interesting news, the DNC has bought local TV ads to help Kerry in HI, which I can't believe he needs. If Kerry loses HI, I can't imagine him becoming president. But I guess the DNC takes all those polls seriously (Zobgy has it tied). Which begs the question, why aren't they doing ads in WV or AR? Play some offense guys!

Red Sox fans, what an amazing streak of games! A lunar eclipse is set to start "less than an hour" before the Sox and Cardinals play Game Four tonight. "If skies are clear, the moon over Busch Stadium will be blood red in the late innings." My guess, it will be bleeding because the Cards are going to be swept (and people in Boston will die in the riots).

And finally, I give you the picture of the day. I have shown photos from the Kerry-Clinton event in Philly but not from Bush's events, which are also huge, but I decribed them as having a traveling TV evangelist quality to them. Now I have proof:


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