Friday, October 29, 2004

Ivory on the ballot for good

So I guess I was wrong. The all (but one) Republican appointed Utah Supreme Court decided [look below) that Workman's doctor's note "substanially complies" with the statute, so I guess Beehive was right. I assumed since the justices kept alluding to the fact that the statute allowed for a "wink and a nod" type of letter where the Doctor just says what he is told to say and there is no verification of whether Workman is truely disabled. The Salt Lake Tribune reported that "The order did not say if the justices were split, but a court spokeswoman said it reflected a 'majority' opinion."

As a Republican on the ballot, he [Ivory] will get all the straight-GOP votes cast after the high court decision. Four years ago, more than 50,000 people voted straight Republican.

Now I doubt Carroon will win. After all he raised a total of $300k for the whole year, while Ivory has spent $300k in the last two to three weeks, and he is Republican.

Carroon put on a good face saying he looked forward to the contest, while Merrill Cook spoke his mind:

"Ivory would be much better off staying as a write-in than being on a dishonest ballot," said Cook, a former two-term GOP congressman.

Utah Supreme Court order putting Ivory on the ballot

The order of the 3rd District Court in this matter is reversed. We hold that the certification of disability provided by Doctor [Philip] Roberts substantially complies with the minimal requirements of the Utah Election Code at Section 20A-1-501(1)(b)(ii). Because the issue was not before us, we express no opinion as to wether or not Mayor [Nancy] Workman is, in fact, disabled.

Given the extraordinary nature of this action, and the extreme time constraints on both the trial court and this court, as well as on the public officials charged with preparation of the ballots for next Tuesday's election, this order is issued without further elaboration. However, an opinion will follow in due course to explain our action for the guidance of election officials, candidates and other interested parties.

Signed by Justice Michael Wilkins

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