Monday, October 25, 2004

An invitation to debate

Dear Readers,

Please note the title and sub-heading for this blog. I am sure some have said "Yeah, right, pinko" after reading my many posts on hot-button social issues and my outspoken critique of the Bush Adminstration. I am all for reasonable GOPers and Democrats, and I just think Democrats have been more reasonable lately, especially compared to this president.

Also note that I added a "Friend" to the blogroll: The State of the Beehive. This is a conservative, one might even say libertarian, blog but actually quite rational and not a foaming at the mouth Freeper. And since he and I share a love, the state of Utah, I challenge him to a debate. On any issue, almost any time (I have class and homework and other obligations), online. Beehive (Charlie?), you can post a comment here, or you can post on your own blog.

So far, I have taken up the challenge replying to his doubts about my position and reasoning on UT amendment 3 (the anti-gay marriage amendment). Please go to my comment on his blog for more details, I don't like cross-posts or long posts that bore readers.

Anywho, the gauntlet has been dropped, the proverbial glove has been slapped in your face, or in UFC terms "Let's get it on."

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