Friday, October 29, 2004

Puff Daddy in Rural TX

In the 10 days since Welch Flippin "decided to stop dialysis and was slowly succumbing to kidney failure, something was on his mind." He wanted to vote. So Perry Flippin "asked if he could take a ballot home to his ailing father, but the clerk offered to make a house call."

Perry Flippin "recounted his father's last moments in a column": "The clerk left me holding the ballot in front of Dad. He made no sense of the columns, boxes or names. I showed him the Republicans and Democrats. Nothing. 'You like Kerry and Edwards?' I asked. 'Naw,' he replied wearily. 'Bush and Cheney?' 'Naw.' 'Do you like Charlie Stenholm?' 'Yeah.' Thirty-three hours later, the hearse arrived. Welch Flippin's last conscious act was casting his vote"

Give whole new meaning to the phrase "Vote or Die" doesn't it? May his soul rest in peace, knowing that Charlie Stenholm will win, just barely.

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