Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Better than Lieberman

I know that isn't a very high bar to pass, but Edwards did much better against Cheney than Leberman did in 2000.

That was a nasty, dirty fight. I feel that it was basically a partisan draw. Edwards didn't knock him out like Kerry did to Bush on Thursday, but he didn't get blown away and held his own for the most part.

The fact is, I don't think this made that much difference. But for those swing voters who watched it, I don't think Cheney's nastiness won him voters.

MSNBC is saying Cheney hit it out the park. Cheney had lots of mean retorts and lots of opposition research. BC04 team retooled after their debacle on Thursday. Both sides got their people excited, but didn't think they got other people convinced.

Will this slow the Kerry surge? Maybe, but Kerry can restart it on Friday, that is, if anyone watches. [Another good sign of higher voter turnout this time, besides huge registration surges, is the number of people who have tuned into these debates-- 60 Million for Thursday, who knows for tonight.]

OK folks, that's enough from me, I have to finish my Contracts homework. Groan.

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