Wednesday, October 06, 2004

No one at the party going to be Working for Workman

The Salt Lake Tribune reported this morning that the Salt Lake County GOP abandoned Workman for Ivory last night after her horrible preliminary hearing.

Instead of rallying behind former Republican Congressman Merril Cook, they supported Ellis Ivory, the big homebuilder/developer, as a write-in candidate. In other words, they punted.

In real life, Ivory isn't going to win, nor is Workman. perhaps this means more real-life conservatives will go over to Cook but how many who knows. Carroon has a lot of support and a big lead, which discourages turn out (especially when all the other races except governor are blow outs...but more on that later).

For the governor's race, Matheson's leaked internal polling is in direct conflict with the Tribune's public polling. Just take a look:

This is a bigger sample, I don't know which one is more respected. But how Scott could lose 15 points in a few days, so something is fishy. Worse case scenerio, I think Huntsman will be better than Levitt and more moderate than your average GOPer in Utah.

But that is just to make me feel better.

Among registered voters who watched the debate, ABCNews found 43 percent said Cheney won, 35 percent called Edwards the winner and 19 percent called it a tie. One factor is that more Republicans tuned in — 38 percent of viewers were Republicans, 31 percent Democrats, the rest independents. Yet afterwards, Cheney had cost the ticket a point (51-48 to 50-49). CBSNews had nearly the reverse: "Forty-one percent of these uncommitted debate watchers said Edwards won the debate tonight. Twenty-eight percent said Cheney won. Thirty-one percent thought it was a tie."

And that's all the political and polling news I have to share today. I am so tired again this morning. And legal reasearch doesn't help. What a waste of time and grades.

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