Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Nancy at Workman

So our beleagured SL County mayor had her day in court. And to me, it doesn't look good. I'll get to the money quote from the Salt Lake Tribune article, but first note that county GOP leaders are going to meet tonight to decide what to do with her.

[Chief Administrative Officer David] Marshall testified that Workman called him into her office in mid-2003 and said she wanted to hire Alena Iorga to be Workman's "eyes and ears" in the community and that the mayor specifically mentioned the employee would do health work. He said there was no mention of the Boys and Girls Clubs - where Iorga was working - and because of the duties the mayor described to him, he put the hire under the Health Department's budget.

The mayor's daughter, Aisza Wilde, testified that she had complained to her mother about not having enough money to give a pay raise to Iorga. Wilde broached the issue with Workman during a car ride, and the mayor offered to "loan" an employee.

"I didn't ask for county help," Wilde said. "I was seeking advice from my mommy."

Wilde noted that she didn't benefit from the county paying for the position because she ended up doing more work. Wilde did acknowledge that Iorga got a raise with the county's help.

Mommy, I am too lazy, give me an assistant. How pathetic

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