Friday, October 08, 2004

Bonus: Bush v. Gibson

I have uploaded it onto my ISP for you all to watch that lovely exchange again here.

Why did I waste my precious publishing space for it? Because it is a bit issue that is being ignored by the press in their swooning for Bush despite snap-polls showing the public generally leaned Kerry on this debate: Bush's temper.

When cornered with bad facts, Bush either smirks, yells (like this debate he was shouting), or in the case of this clip, interrups or demeans other people. He demeaned the Rx drug questioner by saying basically you don't know what's good for you, I do and you don't want those drugs. I thought the GOP didn't want the government controlling your life like that. If people want to import drugs from Canada, let them. They are the exact same drug. Don't give us that saftely bullsh*t...maybe it isn't safe for Pharma's bottom line, but not to us. Plus, I think Bush said that Canada is a third world country. Isn't Canada one of our allies and didn't he just critize Kerry for "demeaning" them by pointing out that the collition is sham?

But really, Bush is so unaccostomed to critique and harsh questioning (and so used to applause and laugh lines, did you all notice the akward pauses while he was waiting for laughs/claps?) that he gets all righteous on people and shows the side of his personality that his handlers don't want voters to see: the one that mocked a woman on death row's pleas for mercy when he was governor of Texas (of course, he executed her).

I am glad though that Bush is just a pissed off little spoiled brat. One that, as Ann Richards said he was "born on third base and thought he hit a home run."

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