Monday, October 04, 2004

Third Ave. "Exclusive": UT governor's race TIED

The poll was conducted by GarinHartYang and shows each candidate receiving 42% of support, with 16% of likely voters polled still undecided. The poll conducted on September 28 and 29 of 505 likely Utahn voters statewide has a margin of error of 4.4%. [See below for this month's versus April's]

This most recent polling reflects a significant upsurge in support towards Scott’s candidacy as more and more voters begin to focus on the Governor’s race and the important issues facing Utah.

The results of this latest statewide survey (September 28-29) show that Scott Matheson Junior has made up significant ground against John Huntsman Junior, and the gubernatorial race is now tied.

In addition to Scott’s current surge being very encouraging, other key points emerge from further analysis of the survey data:

  • Scott is winning among Democrats by 81% to 12% and he has an outstanding lead among Independent voters of 51% to 17%. Among Republicans, Scott is getting 21% (versus 64% for Huntsman).

  • Scott’s support has more “intensity” than Huntsman’s support. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Matheson voters say they support him strongly, compared to 57% of Huntsman voters who support Huntsman strongly.

  • Scott’s position in the gubernatorial race is amazing given the extremely difficult political environment he faces: 56% of the sample consists of Republicans compared to just 26% who describe themselves as Democrats, and Bush is defeating Kerry by 67% to 28%

Trial Heat for Governor, in percent.

9/04 4/04

Scott Matheson Jr. 42 35
Jon Huntsman Jr. 42 49
Undecided/other 16 16

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