Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mourning for America

In response to the vitriolic GOPers who have posted comments on my site, let me clarify. I know Bush in his heart of hearts believes that what his plans are for Iraq, the economy, etc. are good ones. I don’t think he wants to do harm to our country. He wants to do harm to the Democratic Party and to increase the power of the Presidency.

But I fundamentally believe that these policies are mistaken and wrongheaded. I believe Americans are worse off as a result of his and the GOP-controlled congress’ decisions. On the environment, on the tax structure, on economic stimulus, on health care policy, on education, on labor policy, and above all in foreign policy I believe the facts have shown that they have made bad decisions and compounded their problems by being in denial.

Kerry wasn’t going to be a miracle cure and avid readers of the Third Avenue know that I didn’t hold Kerry’s policies and as a person in that high of an esteem. But he was the choice of my party and I respected that choice. The choice between Bush and Kerry to me wasn’t between the lesser evil but between very bad and alright. I suppose I should respect the results of the election too. But I still don’t believe Bush has a mandate to do what he is doing.

Many of people who voted for him are scared of Terrorism and Gay-Marriage and Abortions. I just don’t share their views for the most part. The way Bush is acting, I believe that he is losing the so-called “war on terror.” (I don’t like the name, that’s all).

Why? Bush views Al-Qaeda as a fixed number of people. After this war in Iraq, we don’t have the resources to adequately fight the Hydra-headed terrorist organization. Osama bin Laden is still alive, as is his second in command, and the head of the Taliban. Sister organizations have popped up in Indonesia and many other countries, including Iraq, where they weren’t there (Iraq) or less strong (Indonesia) than they were before. I am not the only one who thinks this, Richard Clarke, Brent Scowcroft, Wes Clark, Richard Holbrook, etc. agree with me.

Kerry is supposedly giving his concession speech as I type. I am disappointed, upset, sad, and in fear of the world to come in the next four years.

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