Tuesday, November 02, 2004

V-day, part I

This morning, my fiancee and I got up early to go vote at our local elementary school, which happens to be the place my sister went to school until grade 4.

Unwittingly, we participated in a scientific experiment. I asked the volunteer for a ballot and she asked for my name and checked it against the rolls, and I signed, got my ballot. Christina was next, only this time, the lady asked for her ID. My Chinese-American wife-to-be was so irritated that she pulled out her old Harvard ID to prove who she was. That pretty much is the definition of racism. And I thought that in one of the most liberal areas of SLC we wouldn't have this problem. It makes me sad for all of America really. Just because she is not white doesn't make her any more likely to be an illegal voter or illegal immigrant or not a US citizen.

Next, those bumbling idiot volunteers pointed us into the wrong line. After about 5-10 minutes in line, we noticed that a different precinct number was above the booths we were waiting on, so Christina asked and sure enough, the one with almost no line was ours. After that, voting went without a hitch. There were no hanging chads (our county decided not to comply with HAVA) it all looked good.

If that is what happens in an area with no poll challengers, no prank callers, no deceptive flyers, imagine what it will be like in Florida or Ohio today! A college friend of mine, one of my groomsmen actually, is in medical school at UMiami and waited over 3 hours in line to vote early this weekend (he voted for KE04 and Betty Castor). So the reports are true out there, the blue counties of Florida are turning out in droves to vote against Bush.

Unfortunately, in Daytona Beach, FL, a Red area, a optical scanner lost 13,000 votes. Now I am sad about this even if they were all for Bush because the race is compromised and the election is put in some doubt. I hope they will recover the votes on that memory chip.

Maybe the punch cards really are the way to go. Stay tune here for updates throughout the night. Also look at DTrip's Resultron, the Third Avenue's Site Of The Day to see real-time results in all those far flung house races. And remember, go out and vote, even if you live in a red or blue state. It is your civic duty!

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