Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What is wrong with this country?

It looks like Kerry has lost Florida and probabbly even Ohio, despite what exit polls and stories on the web told us. It looks like the Senate and House will stay in the hands of the GOP.

I am about to cry. My fiancee tells me I need to take this stuff all less personally, but I just can't. It my life's passion; I truely believe that this country will be going down a terrible, terrible road if Bush wins reelection.

In my opinion, I predict that our economy will continue to stagnate, the war in Iraq will get worse, hatred for America will grow, attacks against us will increase, and a host of other horrible things will happen if Bush wins.

It is like when Israel elected and then reelected Barak. Their county is by any measure less safe than it was in 2000. Yet those morons decided it was to follow Barak down the same failed path, as do the morons in the US who appearantly outvoted me today.

I still have 2.5 years of law school to endure, and hopefully it will distract me from this country's falling apart. But I doubt it. I care too much about my state, my county, and my world to let it slip away with out a fight. If Kerry dosn't win tonight, I am going to keep fighting in 2006 to retake congress and in 2008, Washington.

What has happened to my proud Democratic Party? If we lose tonight, the Michael Moores and Howard Deans will say we should have nominated a more liberal man. And the Al Froms will say Kerry was too Northeastern, too liberal to win (and we should have elected a more moderate man). And the party might try again like in the 2002 post-mortems to shoot itself in the foot. The Democratic Party has too many great people in it to be delegated to the minority party for so long. We Democrats need to get our act together and learn from the GOP.

Learn how to band together, not in our hatred of Bush, but our plan for the future our platform. Learn how to talk to Southern voters, and to Midwestern voters, and to Western voters. The Democrats need to learn how to talk to people who don't live near water. Maybe the start is to learn about water politics and listen to their collegues who live in those states and get elected.

This is too depressing to fathom. Maybe, just maybe, Kerry can wrestle a victory out from the courts, but look how well that looked for Al Gore. Maybe those abentee ballots will go Kerry's way. But the trouble was that Kerry gave up on MO and WV and AR too easily, putting all his eggs in OH and FL's basket. It seems too the campaign (in 20-20 hindsight) focused too much time money and effort on CO.

If Edwards was the head of the ticket, I wonder if NC would have closer, or if Clark was on it if AR would have been closer. Or for that matter crazy Bob Graham and FL.

Now it is all academic (if you believe MSNBC and AP and FoxNews) and so am I. Hopefully, I can pile up the work so high that I don't notice how much my soul aches.

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