Tuesday, November 02, 2004

V-day, part VI

However this all comes out, I have to say that the election officals in FL and PA, and maybe OH should be ashamed of themselves.

In FL, they decided not to count the absentee ballots until Thursday, possibly as many as 500,000 votes. In 2000, they managed to do all but the suspiciously late armed forces ones. How can it be so damn hard? They had 4 years to get it right.

In PA, they don't have enough ballots, one precinct open over an hour late...but at least CNN has called it for Kerry finally.

In OH, there are so many voters that they are still in line that they held it open over two hours in some places.

When Joe Lockhart got his chance to spin, he marshalled facts that made me feel better. The areas in FL that had yet to be counted they outperformed Gore, according to their exit polling. Ditto for OH and PA. He called PA comfortable and it must have been since it was the first of the big three that they called. He said MN was great stuff and WI was tight but theirs.

I just hope he's right.

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