Wednesday, November 03, 2004

One bright spot

The Salt Lake County Mayoral race, will all its ups and downs, came down to the wire. And Peter Carroon out hustled Ellis Ivory, despite being outspent 4-to-1 in the final weeks of the campaign. Merrill Cook was once again the spoiler for the GOP. By early this morning, Corroon ended up with 49% of the vote, or 168891 votes, and Ivory got 43% or 146939. Cook had 6% or 21492 votes.

Carroon literally wore a hole into his shoes walking the County. Ivory ran one of the slickiest campaigns I have ever seen, and I have no doubt he will be back campaigning in some capacity. It turns out, you can't just buy an election at the 11th hour.

As a credit to all the candidates, it was universally positive campaign, with the exception of Nancy Workman and people attacking her record. But if you had as many scanals as her administration had, then you would be lashing out at the other side(s) and they would be pointing out your troubles.

Ivory conseeded early this morning and was a classy guy through out. Cook was his usual off the wall independantly-thinking conservative. He sure is entertaining, but I really think someone in the family needs to prevent him from spending any more of their money running for polical office. Is this the 10th or 15th race he's run in? I lost track.

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