Tuesday, November 02, 2004

V-day, results trickle in

WV for Bush is the only real news so far. It looks like the KY Senate race is shaping up to be a possible upset. The fact that they haven't called SC is strange, maybe that means Inez has a shot.

The DSCC has their own exit polls: SENATE AK: Knowles 50 - Murk 47 CO Salazar 51, Coors 47 FL Castor 51, Martinez 48 KY Bunning 52, Mongiardo 48 LA Vitter may get the 50 percent that would elect him, 51 percent NC Burr 50 Bowles 48 OK Coburn 51 Carson 46 SC DeMint 50.2 - Tenenbaum 49.8SD Thune 50 Daschle 50

Salazar and Knowles means a plus two (3 if you count IL). Castor's news is good news for Kerry. DSCC claims Bowles is "closing fast" but I am worried. Tenenbaum is supposedly "right there," it is lucky she is in the race. Carson looks like he is not going to close the deal. Daschle is going to have a squeaker. That would be a +2 for the GOP (plus one for GA). Right now, a wash assuming Daschle hangs on, which means GOP keeps control.

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