Friday, November 05, 2004

Post-Mortem redux

As to the reason why Democrats lost (again), it is because (again) they had no overarching message. Sure Gay Marriage didn't help and got Rove's evangelical to the polls. But the fact that the Democrats only real message was "Bush is bad, we will be better and do [insert laundry list here]" was what cost them the Senate and House and White House.

If they had a message like "Rights and Responsibility" (for Guns, Abortion, Corporate Crime, etc) that might have worked. OR if they had railed against Washington, that might have been good too. Most people don't know the GOP controls congress so Bush can get away with blaming congress for not doing what he wants when he controls every last bit of the agenda. Only FDR had more power over Congress than this president does.

Why Democrats who set the message are obsessed with bribing/scaring seniors, ignoring young people, reflexively supporting government, and "the people versus the powerful" is beyond me. Especially why anyone hires Bob Shrum...How many losses is that Shrummy? He has about as many losses as Utah's own Merrill Cook.

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