Thursday, November 04, 2004

Musical Chairs

Now begins the ultimate Washington thought exercise: Who will be in the cabinet? Might I be so bold as to suggest some good Republicans for the posts that desparately need changing? First I will say who should go, will go, and who should replace them, Third Avenue-style:

who should go
M. Powell (FCC)

who will go
C. Powell (State)

Who should replace them
Giuliani for AG or UN or DoD or State
McCain for DoD
Lugar for DoD (if McCain won't take it)
Scowcroft for DoD or State
Clarke for NSC
Rice for DoD policy
Armitage for State
Danforth for State or AG
Baker for CoS or State

All these guys are Republicans and some are even conservative ones. If you had these men and women in there, you just might be able to pull Iraq around. Get some new voices around you Mr. President. Things aren't working, no matter what your current Yes Men say.

Further, remember the old proverb "Keep your allies close, and your enemies even closer." If you are worried about a McCain or someone hurting your pick for 2008 (Jeb), you can keep tabs on and embarress them possiblily as one of your cabinet members. Bush will be at his most powerful for the next two years. Watch out and see what he picks as his top priorities.

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